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Obtain and Review the Final Accepted Contract: Ensure all Parties have signed and initialed all contractual documents.

Review Terms of Contract: Bring concerns to agent.

Open Escrow or Verify Escrow has been opened.

Send out “New Escrow Email”: Including Contingency Timeline to All Parties.


Order the Natural Hazard Report: Distribute copies to Agents/TCs/Escrow.

Prepare the Seller Disclosure Package for seller to complete/sign.

Disclosures will be emailed/DocuSigned for client’s completion: Agent to assist in follow-up of their return.

Checking Text on a Document


Contact Listing Agent/TC to obtain Seller Disclosures by due date

Confirm if Buyer is obtaining any inspections, include Inspection Waivers, if
applicable. Notify Listing Side of inspection time/date.

Upon completion of Buyer’s Signed Disclosures, Return All Seller Disclosures to the
Listing Agent and ask for any items we still need for file completion

Legal Research and Writing


Review Disclosure Package for Completeness PRIOR to Sending:include any additional documents as required by Broker.

Send all Seller Disclosures to the buyer for signature and return. Once returned, review the documents for completeness.

TC to obtain all needed signatures and in the event a seller credit is being given, TC to notify Escrow to draft amendment.



Follow up with escrow: Ensure buyer has deposited deposit check and returned escrow documents.

Regular follow up with all parties to ensure the file is proceeding and missing paperwork from all sides of the transaction are accounted for.

1 week PRIOR to COE, make sure that our file is complete. IF NOT, make sure we have ample evidence of requests for missing documents in file for a papertrail.

Upon Confirmation of Recording, Submit File to Broker / Agent
o Provide USB Drive, DropBox Link or PDF File at Closing.

customer service


Single Sided: $450
Dual Agency: $650

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